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Past Hamsters

Grantabrugge Emmanuel (Emma) - Show Hamster

Whitebellied Cinnamon Tortoiseshell

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Grantabrugge Clare Hall (Clarice) - Pet Hamster

Golden Tricolour

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Pick'n'Mix Sidney Sussex (Sid) - Show Hamster

Melanistic Yellow (Ghost)

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Pick'n'Mix Hughes Hall (Hugh) - Show Hamster

Melanistic Honey (Ghost)

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Paradise New Hall (Halle) - Show Hamster

Blackeyed Cream Roan Mosaic/Tort

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Bourne Valley Girton (Gertie) - Show Hamster

Black Tortoiseshell Shorthair

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River "Tammy" Johnson - Rescue Hamster

Dove Banded (broken band).

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Mathmo Curtis - Pet Hamster

Mink - almost exactly the colour of milky tea, with the paler-coloured "glasses" around the eyes that are indicative of a Cream-based colour. Self coloured fur in pale brown with white chest stripe, belly star and feet. Small ring of paler fur around eyes, pale grey ears. Dark eyes.

Mathmo's high point came literally when after roaming on the floor in a sealed room he was nowhere to be found, until a scrabbling sound was heard from the top of a full-height bookcase. Mathmo had climbed over six foot vertically between the back of the freestanding unit and the wall and ended up stuck on top, in a place where it was necessary to stand on a chair to get him down again.

Leonard Curtis (Leo) - Pet Hamster

Umbrous Dark eyed White. Ivory coloured throughout with dark ticking on back and head, dark eyes and ears.

Leo was particularly good at jumping and made several daring escapes throughout his life, though always returning to his cage in the end. He was jointly named after Star Trek actor Leonard Nimoy and character Dr Leonard McCoy.

Algerman Peter Curtis (Al) - Pet Hamster

Black eyed Cream. Fully self coloured, dark eyes and ears, rich apricot. Exceptionally pronounced whiskers!

Al was especially fond of avocado stones with fruit left on them and slices of banana, meaning that he spent a lot of time washing his sticky face and paws! He was a much anticipated first hamster and inspired a lifelong love of the breed with his friendly temperament and personality.