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Paradise New Hall (Halle)

Halle was a long-haired Cream Roan (Mosaic/Tortoiseshell) hamster bred by Paradise Hams.

Halle got off to a poor start after joining Grantabrugge Hamstery, with an unsuccessful pregnancy and a fall in her cage which injured her front leg and required a vet visit. However, she was swiftly back on good form, successfully raising a litter when mated with Hugh which produced six healthy young hamsters as well as raising 54 pounds donation for Little Paws Small Animal Rescue. Now retired from breeding, Halle is enjoying her new career as a show hamster, winning first prize in her class at her first show.

Halle died unexpectedly two days before reaching 1 year and 5 months old, and was found dead in her wheel - presumably of a sudden heart attack.

Halle at two months oldHalle showing her yellow patchesHalle in her cageYoung Halle

Pedigree of Paradise New Hall
Date of Birth30th March 2012
VarietyLonghaired Blackeyed Cream Roan (possibly Tortoiseshell)
All Genotypesl ee Whwh (p) (To)
Parents Grandparents Great Grandparents Great Great Grandparents
Lilliput Cascade
Longhaired Sable (Tortoiseshell)
lL ee U_ To p
Lilliput Truffle 2
Longhaired Umbrous Honey
l ToTo pp U_
 Lilliput Truffle
Shorthaired Umbrous Honey
U_ ToTo pp
Shorthaired Honey
ToTo pp
Shorthaired Yellow Dom. Spot
ToY p Domspot
Designer Dougal
Longhaired Blackeyed Cream (Ghost Yellow)
l(l) p ee ToY
Coco Chanel
Longhaired Sable (Tortoiseshell)
l(l) U_ ee Toto
Joseph Corre
Longhaired Blackeyed Cream
l(l) ee
Severn Vale Stormy Day
Shorthaired Sable Roan
ee U Whwh
 Tinkerwood Julia-Becky
Shorthaired Sable Roan
ee U Whwh
Shorthaired Satin Roan
ee U Whwh
Shorthaired Sable
ee U
Bred by Matt Day
Shorthaired Blackeyed Cream

Shorthaired Blackeyed Cream
Longhaired Blackeyed Cream
Paradise R.C.B
Longhaired Redeyed Cream Roan
ee p Whwh l(l)
Paradise Fuse
Longhaired Blackeyed Cream Roan
lL ee Whwh
 Tristar Wispa
Longhaired Satin Blackeyed Cream Roan
l(l) s ee Whwh
 Stormy Weather
Longhaired Sable Roan
l(l) ee U Whwh
Longhaired Blackeyed Cream
l(l) ee
Champion Paradise Kensington
Shorthaired Blackeyed Cream
ee p
Shorthaired Blackeyed Cream Dom. Spot
ee DomSpot
Paradise Autumn
Longhaired Satin Mink
lL s ee pp U
Paradise Autumn
Longhaired Satin Mink
lL s pp U
 Bourne Valley Summer
Shorthaired Blacked Cream Banded
ee p Banded
Longhaired Blackeyed Cream
l(l) ee
Shorthaired Blackeyed Cream Banded
ee Banded
Tristar & Solo Olympus
Longhaired Satin Mink
l(l) s ee pp U
Longhaired Satin Sable Roan
l(l) s ee pP U Whwh
Mr. Aslan
Longhaired Blackeyed Cream
l(l) ee pP

Show Prizes

1st Prize in Non Standard at the Chacombe Show (MHC) on 9/2/13

1st Prize in Non Standard at the Hereford Show (MHC) on 13/4/13

2nd Prize in Non Standard at the Coventry Show (MHC) on 4/5/13

1st Prize in Non Standard at the Great Alne Show (MHC) on 29/6/13