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Bourne Valley Girton (Gertie)

Gertie was a shorthaired black tortoiseshell hamster bred by Bourne Valley Hamstery. She was the first pedigree female to enter the hamstery and was intended as a mate for Sid (Mel-Yel), however Gertie was never keen to stand and matings with both Sid and later with Hugh failed to result in any pregnancies. Gertie was a large, serious hamster who was always in the process of building a massive complex nest structure or foraging for her hoard. When she lived in a bottom-row tank in the stack it was possible to open her sliding door and set up a ladder beneath going down to the floor, and Gertie would then come out down the ladder, forage and fill her pouches with spilled seed and bedding from beneath the cage stacks, and then go nicely back up the ladder to her home of her own accord, ready to be locked in again.

Gertie was put to sleep on 21st August 2013 when internal lymphoma growths along her spine led to losing the use of three of her limbs.

Gertie looking down Gertie in a giant teacup Gertie, showing her markings

Pedigree of Bourne Valley Girton (BVHS-11-0173)
Date of Birth6th July 2011
VarietyBlack Tortoiseshell Shorthaired
Genotypeaa b Toto l
Parents Grandparents Great Grandparents Great Great Grandparents
Bourne Valley Chanel (BVHS-10-0130)
Chocolate Tortoiseshell & White Shorthaired
aa bb Baba
Bourne Valley Alireza (BVHS-09-0079)
Black Banded Shorthaired
aa b Baba
 Tristar Henrietta
Chocolate Shorthaired
aa bb l
 Tristar Tallulah
Chocolate Longhaired
aa bb ll
Tristar Dutch
Rust Shorthaired
a bb
Bourne Valley Fester (BVHS-08-0268)
Black Banded Dominant Spot Shorthaired
aa Baba Dsds l
Bourne Valley Serafina (BVHS-07-0329)
Black Shorthaired
Bourne Valley Asriel (BVHS-08-0103)
Black Banded Dominant Spot Longhaired
aa Ba Dsds ll
Eric***** Grand Champion (MYPT-09-0037)
Bred by Rachel Brown
Yellow Shorthaired
a b ToY l
 Mad About Daffie (MADA-09-0043)
Yellow Dominant Spot Longhaired
ToTo p dg Dsds ll
 Tristar Ormezia
Honey Dominant Spot Longhaired
pp ToTo Dsds ll
Tristar Orpheus
Smoke Pearl Longhaired
dgdg ToY ll
Chocolate Shorthaired
aa bb
Tristar Zinnia
Rust Shorthaired
a bb p (Toto)
Tristar Dutch
Rust Shorthaired
a bb
Bourne Valley Henry (BVHS-11-0096)
Yellow Longhaired
a(a) ToY ll
Bourne Valley Fantasia (BVHS-10-0018)
Black Tortoiseshell Longhaired
aa Toto ll
 Bourne Valley Damson (BVHS-09-0146)
Golden Longhaired Satin
e a ll Sasa
 Bourne Valley Giselle (BVHS-08-0235)
Black Tortoiseshell & White Dominant Spot Longhaired
aa Toto Dsds ll
Bourne Valley Tomatin (BVHS-07-0313)
Black-Eyed Cream Shorthaired Satin
ee Sasa
Bourne Valley Neil (BVHS-09-0273)
Black Longhaired
aa ll
Bourne Valley Carolle (BVHS-08-0370)
Black Tortoiseshell & White Banded Longhaired
aa Toto Baba ll
Bourne Valley Kiefer (BVHS-09-0060)
Yellow Black Longhaired
aa ToY ll
Yellow Black Dominant Spot Shorthaired
aa ToY Dsds
a To

Show Prizes

3rd Prize in Small Hamstery (Shorthaired) at the London Championship Show (SHC) on 9/10/11
2nd Prize in Intermediate Hamstery at the Real London Show (SHC) on 8/9/12