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Grantabrugge Jesus College (Jessie)

Jessie is a shorthaired Melanistic Yellow hamster bred at Grantabrugge Hamstery - although she contains genes for the Rust and possibly Cinnamon colours as well, giving her underfur a Honey coloured tint and making her ears paler than the true blackish colour for a Melanistic Yellow.

Jessie was one of the 'Annunciations' litter, her parents are Trinity and Chris.

Pedigree of Grantabrugge Jesus College (GH011404)
Date of Birth16th May 2014
Hamstery CodeGH011404
VarietyShorthaired Melanistic Yellow
All Genotypesaa b- (p) ToTo l Rxrx
Parents Grandparents Great Grandparents Great Great Grandparents
Norwood Trinity
Black Tortoiseshell Shorthaired
aa ToTo b (p) l
Norwood Erin Brockovich
Black Longhaired
aa B- ll Pp Rdrd
 Mad About Britney
Black Recessive Dapple Shorthaired
aa rdrd
 Wunderful (T. McHugh and A. Linford)
Black Recessive Dappled
aa rdrd
Duncton Wubble Diamond
Black Shorthaired (RD Carrier)
aa Rdrd
Grantabrugge Benjamin Button GH011201
Cinnamon Longhaired
Aa b- Ee pp ll
Paradise New Hall
BEC Roan Longhaired
ee Whwh p Toto ll
Pick'n'Mix Hughes Hall
Honey-Black Longhaired
aa b e pp ToY ll/i>
Hamster Mischief Hercule Poirot
Chocolate Yellow Shorthaired
aa bb Ll P- Rxrx ToY
 Duncton Pleiades
Black Tortoiseshell Rex Shorthaired
aa Bb Ll rxrx Toto
 Duncton Wuzzle
Black Tortoiseshell Shorthaired (RD Carrier)
aa Toto Rdrd
NUBU Columbia
Dove Rex Longhaired
aa pp ll
Bourne Valley Renly
Chocolate Longhaired
aa bb ll
Bourne Valley Euphemia
Black Longhaired
aa ll b
Bourne Valley Triggle
(Melanistic) Yellow DomSpot Shorthaired
ToY Dsds aa
Crystal Corpus Christi
Melanistic Yellow Rex Shorthaired
aa (b) (e) ToY rxrx
Mythic Cleopatra (MYTH-13-04)
Black Tortoiseshell Rex Shorthaired
aa Toto rxrx b
 Duncton Phoenix Gift (DUNC-12-00)
Yellow Shorthaired
a ToTo rx l
 Duncton Wulfrina (DUNC-12-15)
Black Tortoiseshell (RD Carrier)
aa Toto Rdrd
Yellow Longhaired
ToY ll
Golden Shorthaired
a b l
Chocolate Longhaired
aa bb ll
Lilliput Rolex
Ghost Yellow Rex Shorthaired
a ToY e rxrx
 Lilliput Doppia Panna
BEC Satin Shorthaired
ee Sasa Rxrx
 Molly (bred by Joyce Rowe)
BEC Rex Shorthaired
ee a p l rxrx
Lilliput Caron*
BEC Satin Shorthaired
ee Sasa l
Lilliput Stig
Golden Shorthaired
e l
Lilliput Artistic
BEC Longhaired
ee ll
Lilliput Wavelength*
Yellow Shorthaired

Show Prizes

Jessie has not yet attended any NHC hamster shows.