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Hamster Forums

Hamster forums and chatrooms can be great places to get expert tips about your hamster and share what he or she is getting up to at home.

Forums can also provide useful information about upcoming hamster shows, reviews of different cages and accessories and current pictures of all the different hamster varieties, amongst other things. Many forums host photo galleries for cute hamster photographs and have creative spaces to show off stories, drawings or poems about your pets.

However, be aware that some forum posts may discuss difficult subjects such as hamster illness, death or reproduction, including the occasional death of pups. Some forums have a marked area for social threads which are not about hamsters and may briefly touch on any topic.

The list below covers several of the most active hamster forums on the internet at present. Please remember that anyone can join a hamster forum (bear that in mind when taking advice) and take the usual internet care when posting information about yourself and your pets or chatting with other hamster lovers! Most hamster forums cover very similar pet-care information and so if you do not like the style of one, another may be a better fit for you.

Hamster Central Forum - This is my favourite hamster forum, with an active international hamster community of both pet-owners and breeders.

Mad About Hamsters - Another very popular and well-established hamster forum.

Hamster Fanatic Forum - A smaller hamster forum.

Hamster Hideout - This smaller pet-hamster-only forum does not allow any content about deliberate breeding of hamsters, instead responsibly encouraging members to consider rescuing one of the many unloved hamsters already born.

The Hamsterific Forum - This small forum also covers other pets such as guinea-pigs (cavy) and rats, but provides an index of hamster care info alongside the chat space.