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Grantabrugge Emmanuel (Emma)

Emma is a Longhaired Cinnamon Tortoiseshell bred at Grantabrugge Hamstery. She was one of 'the Halls', her parents are Halle and Hugh.

Emma Day 17Emma, Destroyer of Worlds

Pedigree of Grantabrugge Emmanuel
Date of Birth1st November 2012
Hamstery CodeGH011202
VarietyLonghaired Cinnamon Tortoiseshell
All Genotypesa (b) pp e (Wh) Toto ll
Parents Grandparents Great Grandparents Great Great Grandparents
Paradise New Hall
Longhaired BEC Roan
ee Whwh p To ll
Lilliput Cascade
Longhaired Sable (Tortoiseshell)
ee U_ To p ll
 Lilliput Truffle 2
Longhaired Umbrous Honey
pp U_ ToTo ll
 Lilliput Truffle
Shorthaired Umbrous Honey
pp U_ ToTo l
Designer Dougal
Longhaired Blackeyed Cream (Ghost Yellow)
p ee ToY ll
Severn Vale Stormy Day
Shorthaired Sable Roan
ee U_ Whwh
Tinkerwood Julia-Becky
Shorthaired Sable Roan
ee U_ Whwh
Shorthaired Blackeyed Cream
Paradise R.C.B.
Longhaired Redeyed Cream Roan
ee pp Whwh ll
 Paradise Fuse
Longhaired Blackeyed Cream Roan
ee p Whwh ll
 Tristar Wispa
Longhaired Satin Blackeyed Cream Roan
s ee Whwh ll
Champion Paradise Kensington
Shorthaired Blackeyed Cream
ee p
Paradise Autumn
Longhaired Satin Mink
s e pp U_ ll
Bourne Valley Summer
Shorthaired Blackeyed Cream Banded
ee p Banded
Tristar & Solo Olympus
Longhaired Satin Mink
s ee pp U_ ll
Pick'n'Mix Hughes Hall
Longhaired Honey-Black
aa b (e) pp ToY ll
Pick'n'Mix His Chocolate Sister
Longhaired Chocolate Tortoiseshell
aa bb p Toto ll
 Pick'n'Mix Pecan Pie
Golden Tortoiseshell Dominant Spot
a b Toto Dsds l
 TuftyFluff Oreo
Longhaired Chocolate Dominant Spot
aa bb p Dsds ll
Yellow Shorthaired
a ToY
Dove Longhaired
aa b pp ll
Dove Longhaired
aa (b) pp ll
Jelly Hams Gimmley
Dove Longhaired
aa pp ll
Pick'n'Mix Ron
Cinnamon Shorthaired
 Bourne Valley Tea and Toast
Golden Shorthaired
Golden Shorthaired
Cinnamon Shorthaired
pp l rx
Tristar Gingerbread Man
Cinnamon Shorthaired
Cinnamon Shorthaired
pp dg
Honey Dominant Spot Shorthaired
b pp ToY Dsds

Show Prizes

3rd Prize in Non Standard at the Coventry Show (MHC) on 4/5/13

3rd Prize in Non Standard at the Great Alne Show (MHC) on 29/6/13