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The Palms

The Palms were born to Emma and Sid on 24th March 2013 (Palm Sunday).

The litter had been intended to produce yellow or honey hamsters of both sexes (some Ghost or Melanistic), and also black, cinnamon, dove or golden males and female tortoiseshell versions of any of those colours. All of the pups would be Longhaired and would carry cinnamon (p) and black (a).

What actually happened is that Sid turned out to be carrying Cream (e), which interacted with the known Cream carried by Emma to produce a surprise Red Eyed Cream female pup and a Red Eyed Cream roan male pup. The two largest pups in the litter were a pair of Golden brothers who were so similar from birth that they may have been identical twins as well as littermates. The other pups were a Cinnamon male, a Melanistic (Ghost) Yellow female and a Ghost Yellow male, although the latter two of these had some white patterning on the rear part of their bodies which was unexpected - potentially this was either a very unusual interaction of the Roan (Wh) Whitebelly gene from their mother and a carried Cream expressing some Roan patterning in an otherwise Yellow-based hamster, or an example of Dominant Spot (Ds) occurring from further back in their pedigrees having had so little expression that it was missed in the intervening generations.

Litter Details
Hamstery Code Sex Variety Genotype Sold
Longhaired Golden a (b) (e) p (Wh) ll SOLD
Longhaired Golden a (b) (e) p (Wh) ll SOLD
Longhaired Melanistic Yellow (Yellow-Black) DomSpot aa (b) (e) p ToTo (Wh) Dsds ll SOLD
Longhaired Cinnamon a (b) (e) pp (Wh) ll SOLD
Longhaired Red-Eyed Cream Roan a (b) ee pp (To)Y Whwh ll SOLD
Longhaired Red-Eyed Cream a (b) ee pp toTo (Wh) ll SOLD
Longhaired Ghost Yellow a (b) e p ToY (Wh) ll NOT FOR SALE (Runt of the litter, still growing up)

Date of Birth24th March 2013
VarietyLonghaired Syrian
Genotypea(a) (b) e(e) p(p) (Wh)wh (Ds) (To)(To) ll
Parents Grandparents Great Grandparents Great Great Grandparents
Grantabrugge Emmanuel
Longhaired Whitebellied Cinnamon Tortoiseshell
a (b) e pp Toto Whwh ll
Paradise New Hall
Longhaired BEC Roan (Tortoiseshell?)
ee p (To) Whwh ll
 Lilliput Cascade
Longhaired Sable (Tortoiseshell)
ee U_ To p ll
 Lilliput Truffle 2
Longhaired Umbrous Honey
pp U_ ToTo ll
Severn Vale Stormy Day
Shorthaired Sable Roan
ee U_ Whwh
Paradise R.C.B.
Longhaired REC Roan
ee pp Whwh ll
Paradise Fuse
Longhaied BEC Roan
ee p Whwh ll
Paradise Autumn
Longhaired Satin Mink
s e pp U_ ll
Pick'n'Mix Hughes Hall
Longhaired Honey-Black
aa b e pp ToY ll
 Pick'n'Mix His Chocolate Sister
Longhaired Chocolate Tortoiseshell
aa bb p Toto ll
 Pick'n'Mix Pecan Pie
Golden Tortioseshell Dominant Spot
a b Toto Dsds l
Longhaired Dove
aa b pp ll
Pick'n'Mix Ron
Shorthaired Cinnamon
a pp l
Bourne Valley Tea and Toast
Shorthaired Golden
Tristar Gingerbread Man
Shorthaired Cinnamon
Pick'n'Mix Sidney Sussex
Longhaired Yellow-Black
aa (b) e p ToY ll
Schwarzwalder Kirschtorte
Bred by Lisa & Andrew Lipski (Pick'n'Mix)
Shorthaired Black Tortoiseshell

aa b Toto ll
 TuftyFluff Oreo
Longhaired Chocolate Dominant Spot
aa bb p Dsds ll
Longhaired Chocolate
aa bb ll
Longhaired Dove Dominant Spot
aa b pp Dsds ll
Shorthaired Yellow
a ToY


Bred by Rachel Brown
Longhaired Dove

aa b pp ll
Bred by Rachel Brown
Longhaired Dove

aa (b) pp ll
 Jelly Hams Dora
Longhaired Black
aa b p ll
Bourne Valley Reuben
Shorthaired Golden
a b p l rx
Jelly Hams Gimmley
Longhaired Dove
aa pp ll
Longhaired Dove
aa b pp ll
Shorthaired Dove
aa pp l