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River Johnson - Rescue Hamster

River arrived in the hamstery after passing through two owners in quick succession, with a warning that she had bitten a young child. She still preferred chewing bars, arranging her hoards and playing in an exercise box to being handled, however, she showed no further signs of aggression and enjoyed a happy 15 months of retirement as a pet. Although becoming incontinent a month before she died River was still described by the vet as in 'very good condition' and continued to take an active interest in life to the very end, against all the odds. River's original name was "Tammy the Hammy", her new name derives from the Firefly character River Tam.


Dove Banded. Longhaired, dark eyes, mottled ears. Self-coloured brown-grey fur, white band with straight sides on left hand side of body to spine, but not visible on right hand side of body (broken band), pale belly and chin. One pale patch on left foreleg, so possibly also carrying another white pattern gene.