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Hamster Postage Stamps

There have been postage stamps in the world since 1840, and commemorative postage stamps with "pretty pictures" on non-postage or state related themes since 1871.

Tracking the appearance of hamsters on stamps is another way to assess their cultural significance through time. It is notable that to begin with, European hamsters appear on stamps as valuable fur-bearing animals. Later, they are totally replaced by Syrian hamsters in the role of pets whilst Dwarf hamsters also make a first pet appearance. By the late 1990s the European hamster has become a WWF flagship species rather than a commodity. This fairly closely mirrors the fame of these species in other situations too.

1967, Germany.

Fur animals.

Stylised drawings. Ermine, rabbit, fox and european hamster.

It is possible to buy merchandise with this striking red and brown hamster image through the Bundespost shop on CafePress!

1970, DDR.

Fur animals.

Realistic drawings. Ermine, rabbit, fox and european hamster.

Pre 1977, Republic of Equatorial Guinea.

European animals?

Photographs. Mouse, fieldmouse, stoat, red squirrel, golden hamster, European hare, guinea pig and ermine.

1982, Bernera Islands, Scotland.

Syrian hamsters.

Photographs. These may be labels rather than actually stamps.

1991, San Merino.

Daily Life.

Realistic drawings. Cat, syrian hamster in wheel, large dog, fish, birds in cage.

1992, Vietnam

A set of "Rodents" stamps included the gerbil and the guinea-pig (twice), but not the hamster.

1994, Bulgaria.

WWF - Common hamster (Cricetus cricetus)

Realistic drawings. 4 drawings of the european hamster.

Some context here (points lost for having 2/5 of the earlier "Rodents" stamps be bats, though!)

1998, USA


Stylised drawings of pets. Dog, Cat, Fish, Parakeet and Syrian hamster.

2003, Jersey


White rabbit, black labrador dog, budgie/canary, syrian hamster, guinea-pig

2005, Japan.

A Greetings Stamp has a pet hamster on.

2011, Malawi


Photographs. 4 images of Syrian hamsters - at least one (a hamster hanging off a wire) is a very popular internet image, this stamp the source, or are these some kind of "print your own" stamps made using image-library images?

2012, Belgium


Photographs. A set of ten stamps, one of which features dwarf hamsters.

2013, Hong Kong China

My Pet and I

Stylised drawings. Tortoise, dog, cat, guinea pig, rabbit, syrian hamster