Welcome to Grantabrugge Hamstery


The next litter from Grantabrugge Hamstery is planned to be ready to go at the end of December 2013/start January 2014, having been born mid/late November.

The parents of the litter are Bourne Valley Pembroke (Brooke) and a borrowed stud male from Doric Hamstery (Tristar Fergal). Fergal is a very laid-back Golden Rex hamster who may be carrying Black, Rust and Dark Grey.

All pups from Brooke must inherit Yellow, Black and Rust from her, and half of them would be Banded, and all pups would inherit Rex from their father, so basic expectations for the litter are: Golden Tortoiseshell and Golden Tricolour girls with Yellow and Yellow Banded boys, all carrying Rex, Black and Rust.

Should Fergal pass on Black, the litter could also include Black Tortoiseshell/Tricolour girls and Melanistic Yellow(Banded) boys. If he passes on Rust, there is potential for Rust Tort, Rust Tricolour, Black-eyed Honey and Black-eyed Honey Banded pups. In the very unlikely case of Fergal passing on both Black and Rust genes to the same pup, it would be a Chocolate Yellow(Banded) male or Chocolate Tort/Chocolate Tricolour female.

No pups should show Dark Grey based colours according to their pedigrees, although potentially some could end up carrying Dark Grey.

Assuming that the November litter went according to plan, a second litter would be planned from Brooke in late Spring 2013, ideally with a Yellow stud male so that every Pup was Yellow or Yellow Banded (as well as potentially having other colours such as Black or Rust too). After having two litters Brooke would then be retired from breeding in line with the NHC ethical breeder policy.

Halle stocking up for a litter