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Norwood Trinity (Trinity)

Trinity is a longhaired Black Tortoiseshell hamster. Her ancestors include some of the earliest recessive dappled hamsters to arrive in the UK, and Halle and Hugh who both lived at Grantabrugge Hamstery.

In May 2014 Trinity successfully raised the 'Annunciations' litter, fathered by Chris and containing Jessie.

Pedigree of Norwood Trinity (NWDH-14-07)
Date of Birth7th January 2014
VarietyLonghaired Syrian
Genotypeaa b (p) Toto ll
Parents Grandparents Great Grandparents Great Great Grandparents
Norwood Erin Brockovich
Black Longhaired (RD Carrier)
aa (b) (e) p ll rd
Mad About Britney
Black Recessive Dapple Shorthaired
aa l rdrd
Black Recessive Dapple
aa rdrd
Black Shorthaired (RD Carrier)
aa rd
Black Shorthaired (RD Carrier)
aa rd
Duncton Wubble Diamond
Black (RD Carrier)
aa rd
Black Tortoiseshell Shorthaired
aa Toto
Black Shorthaired (RD Carrier)
aa Rdrd
Grantabrugge Benjamin Button (GH011201)
Longhaired Cinnamon
Aa B- Ee pp ll
 Paradise New Hall
Longhaired BEC Roan
ee Whwh p Toto ll
 Lilliput Cascade
Sable Longhaired (Tortoiseshell)
ee Uu ll Toto
Paradise R.C.B.
REC Roan Longhaired
ee pp Whwh ll
Pick'n'Mix Hughes Hall
Honey-Black (Ghost) Longhaired
aa b e pp ToY ll
Pick'n'Mix His Chocolate Sister
Chocolate Tortoiseshell Longhaired
aa bb Toto ll
Pick'n'Mix Ron
Cinnamon Shorthaired
pp a l
Hamster Mischief Hercule Poirot
Chocolate Yellow Shorthaired
aa bb (p) ToY l rx
Duncton Pleiades
Black Tortoiseshell Shorthaired Rex
aa b Toto l rxrx
 Duncton Wuzzle
Black Tortoiseshell Shorthaired (RD Carrier)
aa Toto Rdrd
 Hamsterhuette Hosanna
Black Recessive Dapple Shorthaired
aa rdrd
Scorpio Gouda
Melanistic Yellow Shorthaired
aa ToY
NUBU Columbia
Dove Rex Longhaired
aa pp rxrx ll
Duncton Junkyard Slave
Dove Shorthaired
aa pp rx l
NUBU Know This
Honey Shorthaired
a pp ToY rx l
Bourne Valley Renly
Chocolate Longhaired
aa bb ll
 Bourne Valley Euphemia
Black Longhaired
aa b ll
 Bourne Valley Ariadne
Black Tortoiseshell and White Shorthaired
aa Toto l (Dsds? Baba?)
Pick'n'Mix Maverick
Chocolate DomSpot Longhaired
Bourne Valley Triggle
(Melanistic) Yellow DomSpot Shorthaired
aa b ToY Dsds l
Bourne Valley Sofia
Black Tortoiseshell DomSpot Shorthaired
aa Toto Dsds
Bourne Valley Arthur
Melanistic Yellow Shorthaired
aa ToY

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