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Scientific Hamster Booklist 1940-1999

This is a non-definitive but hopefully useful list of scientific works on hamsters.

The items on this list are stand-alone books and pamphlets rather than academic papers from scientific journals (there are thousands of those). Efforts have been made to ensure that everything on this list relates to hamsters in some way but some items may have slipped through by responding to online directory keyword searches for "hamster" whilst actually relating to a different type of small lab animal.

No references of this type found 1940-1947

There are some Chinese hamster references in the 1920s, as the Chinese hamster was used as a lab animal before the Syrian hamster was introduced - in fact, the Syrian hamster was first acquired as a potential replacement for the Chinese hamster because the Chinese was proving difficult to breed in captivity.


Transmission of the virus of Newcastle disease to the Syrian hamster by Reginald L Reagan (1947)


Development of the golden hamster,: Cricetus auratus, with special reference to the major circulatory channels... by Charles C Boyer (1948)

Response of the Syrian hamster to the virus of Newcastle disease by Reginald L Reagan (1948)


Morphological observations by electron microscopy of the hamster-adapted and the mouse-adapted Newcastle virus... by Reginald L Reagan (1949)

Comparison of Newcastle virus in hamsters exposed by intracerebral injection and intranasal instillation by Reginald L Reagan (1949)

Response of the Syrian hamster to intradermal injection of modified Newcastle disease virus by Reginald L Reagan (1949)

Transmission of hamster-adapted Newcastle virus to Swiss albino mice by Reginald L Reagan (1949)


Adrenalectomy and Anesthesia in the Golden Hamster by W. H Bachman (1950)

Transmission of the hamster-adapted Newcastle virus to the Macacus rhesus monkey by Reginald L Reagan (1950)

Immunological studies of embryo-propagated hamster-adapted Newcastle virus in chickens by Reginald L Reagan (1950)

Morphological observations by electron microscopy of Newcastle virus in the spinal cord of hamsters infected by... by Reginald L Reagan (1950)

Response of the ferret and rabbit to the modified hamster-adapted Newcastle disease virus by Reginald L Reagan (1950)

Response of Syrian hamster to the virus of Newcastle disease by intratesticular injection by Reginald L Reagan (1950)


The concentration and viability of modified Newcastle disease virus in infected hamsters by H. Odette Lineweaver (1951)

Studies of rabies street virus in the Syrian hamster by Reginald L Reagan (1951)

A study of hormonal factors in early sex development of the golden hamster (In Carnegie Institution of Washington... by Faith Wilson La Velle (1951)

Response of the Syrian hamster to oral administration of modified Newcastle disease virus by Reginald L Reagan (1951)

The mechanics of spontaneous hemostasis and the effects of anticoagulants in the cheek pouch of the golden hamster... by Robert Preston Akers (1951)

Interrelationships between the gonads and the adrenal cortex of the golden hamster (mesocricetus auratus) by Julian Gilbert Snyder (1951)

Transplantation of heterospecific tumor tissue into the cheek pouch of the golden hamster (mesocricetus auratus... by Alfred Harris Handler (1951)

Early immunological response of chickens vaccinated with hamster-adapted embryo-propagated Newcastle disease virus... by Dorothy M Schenck (1951)

Immunological value of various egg components from eggs infected with hamster-adapted Newcastle disease virus by Reginald L Reagan (1951)


Effect of 'B' virus (strain no. 1) in the Syrian hamster by Reginald L Reagan (1952)

Effect of pseudorabies virus (Aujeszky strain) in the Swiss Albino mouse and the Syrian hamster by Reginald L Reagan (1952)

Experimental dental caries in golden hamsters: With special reference to the examination and recording technique... by Gösta Gustafson (1952/53)

Electron microscope studies of red blood corpuscles of hamsters infected with Newcastle disease virus (NDV) by Reginald L Reagan (1952)

Pathogenicity of mouse-adapted Newcastle disease virus for the chicken, hamster, and mouse by Reginald L Reagan (1952)

Response of the Syrian hamster to rectal instillation of modified Newcastle disease virus by Reginald L Reagan (1952)


(Study of nine) rabies street virus strains in the Syrian hamster by Reginald L Reagan (1953/54)

Observations on the blood pressure of the golden hamster (mesocricetus auratus) by Herbert Joshua Berman (1953)

Blood cell factors and tumor growth in the cheek pouch of the golden hamster (Mesocricetus auratus) by Joseph Donald Sherman (1953)

Early appearance of rabies virus in the brain of hamsters exposed by rectal instillation by Reginald L Reagan (1953)

Response of the Syrian hamster to two strains of rabies street virus by rectal instillation by Reginald L Reagan (1953)

Rabies street virus strains in the Syrian hamster and in the Swiss albino mouse by Reginald L Reagan (1953)

Early appearance of rabies virus in the blood and in the brain of hamsters exposed by rectal instillation (preliminary... by Reginald L Reagan (1953)


The comparative myology of the mammalian genera Sigmodon, Oryzomys, Neotoma, and Peromyscus (Cricetinae): With... by George Clark Rinker (1954)

Response of the Syrian hamster to the virus of Newcastle disease after three hundred and thirty passages in this... by Reginald L Reagan (1954)

The effects of trichinosis upon certain excretory products, the adrenals, blood, activity and fur of mesocricetus... by George Raymond Bernard (1954)


Moccasin venom as a test for petechial susceptibility in the cheek pouch and mesoappendix of the hamster by Kenneth Albert Arendt (1955)

Experimental purpura and related hematological studies in the hamster by Rajendra Gulabrai Desai (1955)

Nuclear changes during induced carcinogenesis in the hamster, Mesocricetus Auratus by Mary Frances Mullett (1955)

Transplantation of Ehrlich Mouse Ascites Carcinoma to the Hamster and to the Rat. With plates. (Lunds universitets... by Carl Gustaf AHLSTRÖM and Ulla Ising (1955)


Oxidation of unsaturated fatty acids in embryonic and adult tissues of golden hamster by Benjamin Theodore Cole (1956)

Orthotopic skin grafting in albino and agouti hamsters by Richard August Adams (1956)

The relation of certain streptococcal products to the pathogenicity of group A streptococci in the hamster cheek... by Robert Irving Krasner (1956)


Cardiovascular effects of electrolyte imbalance in the golden hamster by Frederick Nicholas Sudak (1957)


The organizing role of the limb bud ectoderm in intrapouch embroyonal transplants in the hamster (Mesocricetus... by Thomas Edward Smith (1958)


Regional lymph node response to homologons and heterologous transplants of tumor and normal tissues in the cheek... by David Shepro (1959)

Cold acclimatization in the golden hamster (State University of Iowa studies in natural history) by Richard Lee Farrand (1959)

Estrogen-induced Tumors of the Kidney in the Syrian Hamster (U.S. National Cancer Institute Monograph. no. 1.)... by Hadley Kirkman (1959)


Über die Wirkung des polyvalenten Sarkom-Virus beim Goldhamster =: The effect of the multivalent sarcoma virus... by J Gimmy (1960)

The effect of maternal hypoxia on metanephric development in the hamster by Alan Eric Erickson (1960)

The gross and microcirulatory effects of tilting and acceleration on the golden hamster by Paul Lester Yudkofsky (1960)

The effects of x-irradiation on the distribution of radio-iodinated human serum albumin in the golden hamster... by Arthur Bernard Callahan (1960)

Advances in Virus Research: v. 7 by Kenneth M. Smith and M.A. Lauffer (Dec 1960


Quantitative aspects of prenatal gonad growth in albino rat and golden hamster studies by morphologic and experimental... by Johannes Lindh (1961)

Maternal behaviour in non-maternal golden hamsters (Mesocricetus auratus) by Thelma E Rowell (1961)

The family group in golden hamsters: Its formation and its break-up by Thelma E Rowell (1961)

Quantitative Aspects of Prenatal Gonad Growth in Albino Rat and Golden Hamster studied by Morphologic and Experimental... by Johannes Lindh and W. Francis Salisbury (1961)


No books found for 1962


Further observations on Plasmodium vinckei in hamsters and mice: The problem of virulence by S Adler (1963)

Experimental Pharmacogenetics: Physiopathology of Heredity and Pharmacologic Responses by Hans Meier (1 Jan 1963)



Stimulus-hormone interaction and the gamopractic behavior of the male Syrian golden hamster by Carol Kingsley Flesher (1964)


Bibliography on the golden, Syrian hamster, 1931-1963 by Hulda Magalhaes (1965)

Physiological Mammalogy, Volume II: Mammalian Reactions to Stressful Environments by William V. Mayer (1 Jan 1965)



International Review of Cytology: v. 18: A Survey of Cell Biology by Geoffrey H. Bourne and James Frederic Danielli (Dec 1965)


Experimental Chemotherapy V4 by R. Schnitzer (1 Jan 1966)

The role of the pineal gland and of environmental lighting in the regulation of the endocrine and reproductive... by Russel J Reiter (1966)


Glutamic decarboxylase activity in the brains of hibernating and non-hibernating golden hamsters and hedgehogs... by Rolf Erik Kristoffersson (1967)

Control Mechanisms in Developmental Processes by Michael Locke (1 Jan 1967)




Golden Hamster; Its Biology & Use in Medicine by Roger A Hoffman (1968)

Natural treponematosis in the African monkey: Isolation of a strain of pathogenic treponeme and its adaptation... by André Fribourg-Blanc (1968)

The effect of cold and hibernation on the blood and spleen of the golden hamster (Annales Academiae scientiarum... by Antti Soivio (1968)

Free amino acids in blood of hibernating and non-hibernating hedgehogs and golden hamsters, and in common frogs... by Rolf Erik Kristoffersson (1968)

A Partial Biochemical and Morphological Description of the Action of the Gene Causing Anophthalmai in the Syrian... by J. H Asher (1968)


The endocrine pancreas in the Chinese hamster: Studies on non-diabetic, alloxan-treated, zinc-deficient, and spontaneously... by Lennart Boquist (1969)


Advances in Cancer Research: v. 12 by George Klein and S. Weinhouse (Dec 1969)


Preliminary Studies on the Growth of Chikungunya Virus Using Baby Hamster Kidney Cell Suspension Cultures, by Jack L. Davis (1970)


Growth of Chikungunya Virus in Baby Hamster Kidney Cell (BHK-21-Clone 13) Suspension Cultures by JACK L DAVIS (1970)

The lateral cerebral ventricles and the ventricular walls;: An anatomical, histological and electron-microscopic... by Erik Westergaard (1970)

Advances in Cancer Research: v. 13 by George Klein and S. Weinhouse (6 Oct 1970)


Effects of Diethylstilbestrol on Beta-Glucuronidase Activity of Hamster Liver and Kidney: Histochemical, Biochemical... by JP MANNING (1 Jan 1971)

Advances in Cancer Research: v. 14 by George Klein and S. Weinhouse (Oct 1971)


Acoustic-Optical Detection of Decompression Sickness in Hamsters by Wesley D. Ulrich (1972)

The Development of the Diencephalon of the Chinese Hamster by A Keyser (1972)

Some Observations on Invagination of the Colon with Prolapse through the Anus in the Golden Syrian Hamster (Mesocritcetus... by William B. Pollock (1972)

Early Protection of Hamsters Immunized with Attenuated Venezuelan Equine Encephalomyelitis Vaccine by Cole; Francis E Jr (1972)

Pathology of the Syrian Hamster (Progress in Experimental Tumour Research) by Dieter Arnold (1 Jan 1972)

Prostaglandin E: analysis of effects on pregnancy and corpus luteum in hamsters and rats, by A. P Labhsetwar (1972)

Development of the middle and inner ear in the golden hamster (Mesocricetus auratus): A detailed description to... by Charlene B Stephens (1972)

Studies on biochemical changes associated with in vitro capacitation in golden hamster spermatozoa (University... by Beverly Jane Rogers (1972)

Advances in the Study of Behaviour: v. 4 by D.S. Lehrman and etc. (Dec 1972)

Advances in Cancer Research: v. 15 by George Klein and Sidney Weinhouse (May 1972)


Development of the Diencephalon of the Chinese Hamster: An Investigation of the Validity of the Criteria of Subdivision... by A KEYSER (1 Jan 1973)

The immunoperoxidase method for detection of viral and chlamydial antigens: 1. Basic method and detection of herpes... by P Teufel (1973)

Infektionen und Infektsionskrankheiten bei Laboratoriumstieren: Maus, Ratte, Hamster, Meerschweinen, Kaninchen... by Norbert-Christian Juhr (1973)

The teratogenic activity of vinblastine sulfate and vincristine sulfate in golden hamster embryos by Jan L Earl (1973)

Altered retinal connections following partial tectum lesions in neonate hamsters (Massachusetts Institute of Technology... by Sonal Ramniklal Jhaveri (1973)

Germ-free Research: 6th Internat. Symposium: Biological Effects of Gnotobiotic Environments (Academic Press rapid... by James B. Heneghan (Jun 1973)

Methods in Cell Biology: v. 6 by David M. Prescott (Oct 1973)

Germfree Research: Biological Effect of Gnotobiotic Environments by James B. Heneghan (1 Jan 1973)


On the development of diabetes mellitus in Chinese hamsters given streptozotocin and N-nitrosomethylurea by Erik Wilander (1974)

Giemsa banding of the chromosomes of golden hamster bone marrow cells by Daniel W Boston (1974)

A study of three male antifertility agents in the golden hamster (U-15,646, U-5897, and WIN-18,446) by Carol J Wolf (1974)

International Review of Cytology: v. 38: A Survey of Cell Biology by Geoffrey H. Bourne and James Frederic Danielli (Oct 1974)

Methods in Cell Biology: v. 8 by David M. Prescott (27 Aug 1974)

Gonadotropins and Gonadal Function by N. R. Moudgal (1 Jan 1974) Viral Transformation and Endogenous Viruses by Albert S. Kaplan (1 Jan 1974)

The Oviduct and its Functions by A. D. Johnson (1 Jan 1974) Advances in Cancer Research: v. 18 by George Klein and Sidney Weinhouse (11 Mar 1974)


The Effects of Caloric Density of the Food on Running Endurance and General Condition of Rats and Hamsters Restricted... by D. Tollenaar (1975)

The hamster (Selected topics in laboratory animal medicine) by Robert E Schmidt (1975)

The Effects of caloric density of the food on running endurance and general condition of rats and hamsters restricted... by D Tollenaar (1975)

Neuroplasticity in the sparing of deterioration of function after early olfactory tract lesions in the hamster... by Marshall Gordon Devor (1975)

Factors influencing the development and plasticity of retinal projections in the Syrian hamster (Massachusetts... by Douglas Owen Frost (1975)

Olfactory development in hamsters: Environmental and hormonal factors (Massachusetts Institute of Technology.... by Catherine Ann Cornwell (1975)

The effects of freezing on the microcirculation of the hamster cheek pouch (Massachusetts Institute of Technology... by Thomas Michael Hrycaj (1975)

Caffeine-induced alterations in non-histone chromosomal proteins of Chinese hamster ovary cells by Susan Claire Harrison (1975)

Advances in Cancer Research: v. 21 by George Klein and Sidney Weinhouse (Jul 1975)

Natural History of Rabies: v.1: Vol 1 by George M. Baer (5 Nov 1975)

Viral Transformation and Endogenous Viruses (Abraham Flexner symposia) by Albert S. Kaplan (Jan 1975)

Viruses, Evolution and Cancer: Basic Considerations by Edouard Kurstak and Karl Maramorosch (Jan 1975)

Gonadotrophins and Gonadal Function (Academic Press rapid manuscript reproduction) by N.R. Moudgal (Jan 1975)

Advances in Cancer Research: v. 19 by George Klein and Sidney Weinhouse (Jan 1975)

Advances in Cancer Research: v. 20 by George Klein and Sidney Weinhouse (Jan 1975)


A conflict behaviour in nursing female hamsters. by MAINARDI Danilo - MAINARDI Marisa - FAVORITI Maria Pia - PASQUALI Antonio - (1 Jan 1976)

Comparative evaluation of glucose stimulated insulin secretion in nondiabetic, diabetic, and prediabetic Chinese... by Ronald Neil Prange (1976)

Localization and toxic effects of methylmercury in the hypothalamic-hypophy... axis of the female hamster... by Janice Faye Justice Sissom (1976)

Neuronal specificity and plasticity in the hamster superior colliculus: Electrophysiological studies (Massachusetts... by Barbara LaVerne Finlay (1976)

The functional significance of male and female ultrasounds in hamster social communication by Patricia Bare (1976)

Possible long term effects of female hamster vaginal secretion on male hamsters by Tamara Gabrilovitch (1976)

Reproduction of Eukaryotic Cells by D.Marshall Prescott (13 Dec 1976) Nutrition, Longevity and Ageing by M. Rockstein and Marvin L. Sussman (6 Dec 1976) (28 Jan 1976)

Mammalian Olfaction, Reproductive Processes, and Behavior by Richard L. Doty (1 Jan 1976)

Advances in Cancer Research: v. 22 by George Klein and Sidney Weinhouse (8 Mar 1976)

Advances in Cancer Research: v. 23 by George Klein and S. Weinhouse (7 Jun 1976)


The role of pineal secretions in hibernation of the golden hamster by George B Laroussini (1977)

A study of olfactory and experiential effects on ultrasound production by male hamsters by Karen Di Egidio (1977)

Gonadal Sex Determination and Differentiation in Rats and Hamsters by W S. O (1977)

Visual receptive field topography of an anomalous retinal projection in the hamster (Massachusetts Institute of... by Charles William Sabolis (1977)

Influence of age on neuroplasticity in Syrian hamsters: Neuroanatomical and behavioral studies (Massachusetts... by Kwok-fai So (1977)

A laboratory study of the Turkish hamster Mesocricetus brandti (Breviora) by Charles Peirson Lyman (1977)

Ultrasonic vocalization in hamsters: The effects of estradiol implants within the mesencephalic central gray by Lawrence S Crossett (1977)

Pulmonary cell populations in hamsters maintained under Egyptian laboratory conditions (Ecological research series... by A. S El-Sheikh (1977)

Microcirculatory reactions to local pressure induced ischemia: A vital microscopic study in hamster cheek pouch... by Mikael Romanus (1977)

Morphology of experimentally induced respiratory tumors in Syrian golden hamster: A histological, histochemical... by Frej Stenbäck (1977)

Receptivity of hamster to the virus of aphthous fever =: Receptivite du hamster au virus de la fievre aphteuse... by E Schmidt Eunes (1977)

Experimental transmissions of Leishmania mexicana amazonensis Lainson & Shaw, between hamsters by the bite of... by R. D Ward (1977)

Advances in Cancer Research: v. 25 by George Klein and Sidney Weinhouse (11 Jul 1977)

Mammalian Olfaction, Reproductive Processes and Behaviour by Richard L. Doty (Feb 1977)

Growth, Nutrition and Metabolism of Cells in Culture: v. 3 by George H. Rothblat and Vincent J. Cristofalo (1 Aug 1977)

Growth, Nutrition, and Metabolism of Cells in Culture: Volume III by George H. Rothblat (1 Jan 1977)

Molecular Structure of Human Chromosomes by Jorge J. Yunis (28 Jan 1977)


Nutrient requirements of laboratory animals: Rat, mouse, gerbil, guinea pig, hamster, vole, fish (Nutrient requirements... by National Research Council (U.S.) (1978)

Cardiomyopathy Associated with Systematic Myopathy (Fortschritte der morphologischen Pathologie = Advances in... by F. Buechner and etc. (Dec 1978)

Clinical anatomy of the European hamster: Cricetus cricetus, L (DHEW publication) by Gerard Reznik (1978)

Pineal serotonin concentration in the postpartum female golden hamster (Mesocricetus auratus Waterhouse) (Northeast... by Janis Rebecca Cornwell (1978)

Pineal serotonin levels in the pregnant golden hamster (Mesocricetus auratus Waterhouse) (Northeast Louisiana... by Heidi Katheryn Dengel (1978)

Selection for temperature-sensitive mutants of hamster cells affected in glycoprotein metabolism (Massachusetts... by William Austin O'Brien (1978)

Mitotic selection of colcemid-treated Chinese hamster ovary cells grown on microcarriers (Massachusetts Institute... by John Yone June Ng (1978)

Current Topics in Developmental Biology: v. 12 by Alberto Monroy and Aron A Moscona (1 Aug 1978)

The Nude Mouse in Experimental and Clinical Research: v. 1 by Jorgen Fogh and Beppino C. Giovanella (Nov 1978)

Strategies in Cold Natural Turpidity and Thermogenesis by L.C.H. Wang and J.W. Hudson (Dec 1978)

Strategies in Cold by Lawrence C. H. Wang (1 Jan 1978)

Polycyclic Hydrocarbons and Cancer, Volume 2: Molecular and Cell Biology by Harry V. Gelboin (1 Jan 1978)


Oncogenesis and Natural Immunity in Syrian Hamsters (Progress in Experimental Tumour Research) by Alejandro (19 Sep 1979)

Syrian Hamster in Toxicology and Carcinogenesis Research (Progress in Experimental Tumour Research) by F HOMBURGER (12 Sep 1979)

Inbred and Genetically Defined Strains of Laboratory Animals, Part 2: Hamster, Guinea Pig, Rabbit, and Chicken... (1979)

Respiratory mechanics in hamsters by Catherine Lou Cox (1979)

Carcinogenic potential of rotenone: Phase I : Dietary administration to hamsters by A. P Leber (1979)

The estrogenic effects of delta-9-tetrahydroca... on the sexual receptivity and proceptivity of female hamsters... by William A Turley (1979)

The location of monoamine oxidase in the islets of Langerhans in the golden hamster by Felicity Araba Quansah (1979)

The role of the amygdala and septum in mediating the effects of estrogen on female hamster aggression by Michele Gadd (1979)

The development of middle-ear function in the golden hamster;: A dissertation in bioengineering by Evan M Relkin (1979)

Comparison of individual membrane glycoproteins from control and virus-transformed baby hamster kidney cells;:... by Susan R Baker (1979)

Production of the foot-and-mouth disease virus on a hamster cell line cultivated in suspension =: Production du... by H Favre (1979)

Mycoplasmas: Human and Animal Mycoplasmas v. 2 by M. F. Barile (15 Oct 1979)

The Mycoplasmas Vol.2: Human and Animal Mycoplasmas by J. G. Tully (28 Jun 1979)

Potential Industrial Carcinogens and Mutagens (Studies in Environmental Science) by Lawrence Fishbein (Feb 1979)

Pineal Gland of Vertebrates Including Man: 1st: Colloquium Proceedings (Progress in Brain Research) by J.Ariens Kappers and Paul Pevet (Dec 1979)

Comparative Mechanisms of Cold Adaptation by Larry S. Underwood (1 Jan 1979)


Correlation of several variables for pulmonary lavage samples from normal Syrian hamsters (LA ; 8196-MS) by J. S Wilson (1980)

DNA replication in herpes simplex virus type 1 infected: baby hamster kidney cells by H N. Baybutt (1980)

The electron microscopy and cytochemistry of Chinese hamster ovary cells after freezing and thawing by C J. Hunt (1980)

Early experience in the golden hamster: a failure in cross-species applicability by L P. Hynd (1980)

Clinical Anatomy of the European Hamster, Cricetus Cricetus, L. by G. Reznik and etc. (Sep 1980)

Stable Recursions: With Applications to the Numerical Solution of Stiff Systems (Computational mathematics and... by J.R. Cash (Jan 1980)

Microsomes, Drug Oxidation and Chemical Carcinogenesis: v. 2 by M.J. Coon and etc. (Jul 1980)

International Review of Cytology: v. 63: A Survey of Cell Biology by Geoffrey H. Bourne and James Frederic Danielli (May 1980)

Heavy Particle Radiotherapy by M.R. Raju (Jun 1980)

Metal Carcinogenesis Testing: Principles and In Vitro Methods (Handbook of Environmental Engineering; V. 2) by Max Costa (30 Nov 1980)

Current Topics in Membranes and Transport: v. 14 by Felix Bronner and A. Kleinzeller (Nov 1980)

Chromosome identification: Medicine and Natural Sciences by Torbjoern Caspersson (28 Jan 1980)

Laboratory Safety Theory and Practice by Anthony A. Fuscaldo (28 Dec 1980)

Nuclear-Cytoplasmic Interactions in the Cell Cycle by Gary L. Whitson (28 Jan 1980)

Genetic Control of Natural Resistance to Infection and Malignancy by Emil Skamene (1 Jan 1980)


Hamster Immune Responses in Infectious and Oncologic Diseases (Advances in Experimental Medicine & Biology (Springer... by Jacob W. Streilein (1981)

Investigation of effects of prolonged inhalation of nickle-enriched fly ash in Syrian golden hamsters by Alfred P Wehner (1981)

Carcinogenic potential of rotenone: Subchronic oral and peritoneal administration to rats and chronic dietary... by R. I Freudenthal (1981)

Plasticity in the uncrossed retinotectal projection of the Syrian hamster by I D Thompson (1981)

Mitochondrial enzymes in control, virus transformed and ethidium bromide resistant baby hamster kidney cells by Paul J Zavodny (1981)

The effect of delipidated serum on certain glycerolipid biosynthetic and degradative enzymes in Chinese hamster... by Bruce K Morgan (1981)

The influence of hypoxia on the response of Chinese hamster cells to cytotoxic drugs by E Smith (1981)

Transformed Cell (Cell biology) by Ivan L. Cameron and Thomas B. Pool (Jul 1981)

Laboratory Safety: Theory and Practice by Anthony A. Fuscaldo, etc., Barry J. Erlick and Barbara Hindman (Mar 1981)

Bioregulators of Reproduction (P & S Biomedical sciences symposia series) by Georgina Jagiello and Henry J. Vogel (Aug 1981)

Genetic Control of Natural Resistance to Infection and Malignancy (Perspectives in Immunology) by Emil Skamene and etc. (Feb 1981)

Introduction to Microcirculation (Biophysics and bioengineering series) by Mary P. Wiedeman and etc. (Nov 1981)

Hazard Assessment of Chemicals, Volume 1: Current Developments by Jitendra Saxena (28 Dec 1981)

Polycyclic Hydrocarbons and Cancer, Volume 3 by Harry V. Gelboin (28 Jan 1981)

An Introduction to Microcirculation V2 by Mary P. Wiedeman (28 Jan 1981)

Short-Term Tests for Chemical Carcinogens by H. F. Stich R. H. C. San (1 Jan 1981)

International Review of Cytology: v. 71: A Survey of Cell Biology by Geoffrey H. Bourne and James Frederic Danielli (Jul 1981)


The effects of ethanol on sleep and reproduction in the golden hamster by M. Susan Swank (1982)

Studies on the antigenicity of recombinant influenza A viruses in hamsters by M J T. Hamzawi (1982)

A study of spatial alternation in gerbils (Meriones unigulatus) and hamsters (Mesocrietus auratus) by Kimberly Karen Banks (1982)

In vivo genetic toxicity studies in Chinese hamsters fed irradiated or unirradiated foodstuffs (IFIP) by Horst Altmann (1982)

In vivo mutagenicity studies in rats, mice, and Chinese hamsters fed irradiated foodstuffs: Chicken, fish, dates... by H. W Renner (1982)

DNA binding proteins from baby hamster kidney cells by C B. Bruce (1982)

The local lymph node response to chemical carcinogenesis in the hamster cheek pouch by G T. Craig (1982)

Growth of the preimplantation hamster embryos in vivo and in vitro by V Yodyingyuad (1982)

Uebertragung von Cryptosporidium spec des Kalbes auf Mause, Hamster und Meerschweinhcen sowie Schweine und Ziegen... by L Schloemer (1982)

Studies on the Dorsal Root Reflex and Primary Afferent Depolarization in the Isolated Hamster Spinal Cord by I.D Forsythe (1982)

The Phosphorylation of Ribosomal Proteins in Baby Hamster Kidney Fibroplasts by I.M Kennedy (1982)

Hazard Assessment of Chemicals: v. 1: Current Developments by Jitendra Saxena and Farley Fisher (Mar 1982)

International Review of Cytology: v. 74: A Survey of Cell Biology by Geoffrey H. Bourne and etc. (May 1982)

Hibernation and Torpor in Mammals and Birds (Physiological Ecology) by Charles P. Lyman and etc. (Jul 1982)

Changing Concepts of the Nervous System by Adrian R. Morrison and Peter L. Strick (Jun 1982)

Premature Chromosome Condensation: Application in Basic, Clinical and Mutation Research (Cell Biology) by Potu N. Rao and etc. (Jul 1982)


Pathology of Aging Syrian Hamsters by R.E. Schmidt (9 Aug 1983)

Pathology of Tumours in Laboratory Animals: Tumours of the Hamster by International Agency for Research on Cancer (Apr 1983)

Interactions Between Spermatozoa and Oocytes in the Hamster by K.K Ahuja (1983)

Differential response by hamsters (Mesocricetus auratus) to playback of natural vocalizations by Gordon B Bauer (1983)

Embryo production, freezing and transfer in the golden hamster (mesocricetus auratus) by Mundhir Taiyeb Ridha (1983)

Cryomicroscope Investigation and Thermodynamic Modeling of the Freezing of Unfertilized Hamster Ova by Mohsen Shabana (1983)

A comparative study of susceptibility of inbred and outbred mouse strains compared with hamsters to infection... by R. A Neal (1983

Hyaluronidase release during the hamster spermacrosome reaction by Peter Zang Richard Zao (1983)

Advances in Cancer Research: v. 39 by George Klein and Sidney Weinhouse (Sep 1983)

International Review of Cytology: v. 90: A Survey of Cell Biology (International Review of Cell and Molecular... by G.J. Bourne and J.F. Danielli (May 1983)

Hormonal Proteins and Peptides: Gonadotropic Hormones v.11: Gonadotropic Hormones Vol 11 by Li Choh-Hao (Sep 1983)

Eukaryotic Cell Genetics (Cell Biology) by John Morrow (May 1983)

Pheromones and Reproduction in Mammals by John G. Vandenbergh (28 Aug 1983)

Hormonal Proteins and Peptides, Volume 11: Gonadotropic Hormones by Choh Hao Li (1 Jan 1983)

Advances in Cancer Research: v. 37 by George Klein and Sidney Weinhouse (Jan 1983)


Catabolism of Folate in Man and Syrian Golden Hamster by D.a.R Al-Haddad (1984)

Visceral Leishmaniasis in the Golden Hamster as a Model for Human Kala- Azar by Jay P. Farrell (1984)

Pathology of Tumours in Laboratory Animals: III. Tumours of the Hamster (International Agency for Research on... by V.S. Turusov (9 Aug 1984)

The effects of septal lesions and chlordiazepoxide on passive avoidance in the golden hamster (Undergraduate research... by Robert J Sweet (1984)

On the neuroendocrine regulation of follicle stimulating hormone secretion in the female golden hamster: A dissertation... by Christos Coutifaris (1984)

The effects of selenium-supplemented media on the proliferation of baby hamster kidney (BHK) cells (Honors papers... by David Allen Pelfrey (1984)

Multiplication of FMD virus on hamster kidney BHK 21 cell line in rolling bottles =: Multiplicacion del virus... by Scholein Rivenson (1984)

Receptivity of the hamster to foot-and-mouth disease virus =: Receptividad del hamster al virus de la fiebre aftosa... by E Schmidt-Fumes (1984)

Liver carcinogenesis in the Chinese hamster: a cytogenetic, biochemical and pathological investigation by J a Swindell (1984)

The Nature of Mutants Induced By Ionising Radiation in Cultured Hamster Cells by R Brown (1984)

Cytochrome P450 Substrate Specificities in Rat, Hamster and Man by S Thompson (1984)

Current Topics in Developmental Biology: Palate Development v. 19 by Alberto Monroy and Aron A Moscona (Sep 1984)

Stress, Immunity, and Aging: 024 (Immunology) by E. L. Cooper (31 May 1984)

Interpretation and Extrapolation of Chemical and Biological Carcinogenicity Data to Establish Human Safety Standards... by H.C. Grice (1 Nov 1984)

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