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Kindle-Only Hamster Books

Toestomper and the Bad Butterflies: Toestomper Series, Book 2 by Sharleen Collicott (2003)

It is unclear if Toestomper is actually a hamster or not...

Hamsters to the Rescue by Ellen Stoll Walsh (2005)

Hogwash For Hamsters by Jerry Spring (2008)

Cream Cape and the Case of the Missing Hamster (Alphabet Girls) by Mandy Broughton and Dee Densmore-D'Amico (2009)

The Escape of Henrietta Hamster by Jerilyn Spink (2009)

Hamsters in the House are No Better than a Mouse by Shannon Tucker (2009)

Hamster on the Wheel; Cultivating Work/Life Balance by Helene Cho (2010)

How to treat your hamster - Everything you need to know about your hamster by Andreea Marc (2010)

Racer, A Hamster's Tale by J. S. King (2010)

Hamsters vs. Hipsters by Richard Grayson (2010)

The Little Hamster Princess by Dawn Munson (2010)

Harry the Hamster on a Wild Rampage & Harry the Hamster Loves Chocolate (The Adventures of Harry the Hamster) by Dr. Jane J. Jenkins and Janet W. Grenda (2011)

...And also The Further Adventures of Harry the Hamster (The Adventures of Harry the Hamster) by Dr. Jane J. Jenkins and Janet W. Grenda (2011)

Trip to Kamakura by Kanda Mori and ?? (2011)

How To Raise Hamsters - Your Step-By-Step Guide To Raising Hamsters by How Expert Press and Kate Boyd (2011)

A No-Kill Shelter's Stories by Susan Lee (2011)

...And also Tales Of Fur and Feathers (Stories from a Closed Shelter) by Susan Lee (2011)

Friar Tuck - Fat King Max (Adventures of Friar Tuck) by Shields Bialasik (2011)

It is unclear if this is actually a hamster book or not.

Serious About Hamsters - Ultimate Guide for Hamster care and Training by W.B Rose (2011)

Hamster Wheel Manifesto by Michael Collins (2011)

Bowl 'em Over (2011)

The adventures of Daniel the Spaniel (Hamish the Hamster) by Wendy Bolton Williams (2011)

This is the hamster-related installment of a series where the Spaniel meets a new friend in every episode.

The Great Escape by Chris Carlisle (2011)

We Love You Fluffy The Hamster by Jason Rizos (2011)

Katie's Critters by Melanie Gall, Katie Culkin, Lauren Culkin and Kristina Tosic (2011)

Introduction to Keeping Hamsters by Helen Crapnell (2012)

Your Emotional Hamster Wheel and How to Get Off It by Mike Reeves-McMillan (2012)

5 Minute Guide to Buying a Hamster (Hamsters Make Great Pets) by Emily Brock (2012)

...And also 5 Minute Guide to Hamster Names (Hamsters Make Great Pets) by Emily Brock (2012)

Hamster Care: The No Fluff Guide (No Fluff Guides) by Sophia Kenyon (2012)

The Complete Hamster Care Guide: How to Have a Happy, Healthy Hamster by Scott Stevens (2012)

Tulips From Hamster Dan by David Jacks, Daniel Morrow and Susan Dingle (2012)

Rodents: Discover Series Picture Book for Children (Kindle Kids Library) by Xist Publishing (2012)

Hamster: Happy, Healthy Pets for Children by Susan Davies (2012)

A Christmas Wish by Robert F Moore (2012)

Attila the Hun, CIA Hamster, Time Machine, Samurai's Confessions and more. Humorous Stories, Funny Tales and Amusing... by Oleg Medvedkov (2012)

Mariella, the Cheerful, Helpful, Hamster (Mariella the Hamster) by Jonny Mize and Maggie Mize (2012)

Hamsters! Learn About Hamsters And Learn To Read - The Learning Club! (45+ Photos of Hamsters) by Leah Ledos (2012)

Where Do I Find Happy? by Anthony Mele, Hallie Mele, Myrna Mele and Tonya Belvin (2012)

Klein, Sandy, 2012, How To Care For Your Roborovski Pet Dwarf Hamster - Simple and Easy Tips to Help You Choose, Buy and Care For, etc.

Wolff, Becky, 2012, Hamsters! Learn About Hamsters and Enjoy Colorful Pictures (Kids Look and Learn!) (50+ Photos of Hamsters)

This is one of a series of ~275 eBooks by the same author in the same series, published at a rate of one every two or three days. This does rather imply that it may not be the most deeply-researched book ever...(even if eg: the series has a collection of writers sharing a pen-name)

Hamsters: Picture Book (Educational Children's Books Collection) - Level 2 (Planet Collection) by Planet Collection (2012)

The "My Name is Vanilla. I'm a Djungarian Hamster" Series by Yuji Kondo (2013)

There are three titles in this series: 1) Vanilla in a Cage!, 2) Vanilla Likes Dozing! and 3) Vanilla is Like a Snowball!

The Hamster Ride & 25 Other Short Biking Stories by Susan Meyers (2013)

15 Weird Facts You Don't Know About Hamsters (Deluxe Edition with Videos) by Grant Lee (2013)

Part of a series which also includes volumes of the same formula covering shrews, gerbils, rabbits, mice and guinea-pigs.

West Nile Virus Infection in the Golden Hamster (Mesocricetus auratus): A Model for West Nile Encephalitis by Shu-Yuan Xiao (2013)

Rebekah - Girl Detective #3: Magellan Goes Missing by PJ Ryan (2013)

This book describes itself as "a fun short story mystery for children ages 9-12".

Agent 105 - Diary of a Hamster by Ramsay Stewart and Simon Ross-Gill (2013)

Memoirs of a Hamster by Devin Scillian and Tim Bowers (2013)

Who wants Cake? by Lisa Mitchell (2013)

The Ugly Hamster -- Picture Books For Children by Hilary Hill (2013)

Ted's Guide to Owning a Hamster by John Lazenby (2013)

Henrietta Hamster's Big Adventure (A Read Aloud and Self Read Children's Picture Book) (Animal Tails) by Georgina Powell (2013)

How to Choose and Set Up a Home for your Hamster by Bill Singer (2013)

The Hammy Learns About Character Series by Lily Lippincott (2013)

Titles include Hammy Learns Kindness, Hammy Learns Patience, Hammy Learns Gentleness, Hammy Learns Self-Control

Hamsterboy's ABC Day by Cathy Webb and Amanda Jones (2013)

200 Names for Hamsters & Gerbils by Andrea Keller (2013)

Also in 2013: "Dessert & Food Related Names for Pets", and "700 Names for Pets" by Andrea Keller and J. R. Luna

Children books: Kid's D.A. and the Case of the Missing Hamster (the happy children books) by A Binyamin (2013)

Dots in the Hamster Cage - An Early Reader Book (Tag Series) by CMYK (2013)

Get Off the Homeschool Hamster Wheel (How to Stop Spinning in Circles and Getting Nowhere) by Ellyn Davis (2013)

This book is not about actual hamsters!

Clarence: My Diary of a Very Unusual Hamster by P.J. Kruger (2013)

Cuddly Hamsters for Kids! Incredible Facts and Photos of Adorable Hamsters of Every Color, Shape, and Size! by Sarah Blake and Young Readers / Educational Books for Kids (2013)

The Adventures Of Four Curious Hamsters by Demetre R. Rejas (2013)

Hamsters Rule, Gerbils Drool (The Adventures of Sally Jane Hesslop) by Kris Langman (2013)

Syrian or Golden Hamsters Owners guide: Facts and information all about Syrian hamsters including care, food, diet, cages, pregnancy, breeding, behavior, toys, wheels, lifespan. by Lyndsey McMahon and Ian Armstrong (2013)

My First Pets Book by My World Books and David Eastman (2013)

Hamsters! Children's Quiz Book (Hamster Photos and Learning Series) Hamster Facts Interactive Quiz Books - Plus Hamster Bonus Puzzles, Photos & Videos (35 photos of hamsters) by Kevin Samson (2013)

Looking After Your Hamster by Tracy Anne (2013)

Henry The Lazy Hamster (Children's Picture Book for age 3 and over) by S.S. Phoenix (2013)